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Neopharm Receives Platinum Ratings in Maala CSR Index for 2012

Neopharm Group is proud to announce that it has received platinum ratings for its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities from Maala CSR Index, which is an index rating companies in CSR since 2003.

The ratings were published on June 10th, 2012.

Participation in the Maala Index is completely voluntary and includes private firms, public-sector companies and publicly-traded companies. Among them are Israel’s largest corporations. The companies participating in the Index have an annual turnover above NIS 320 million, and are included in B&D Israel, BDi or TASE lists. Companies are scored and given one of three possible rankings: Platinum, Gold or Silver.

This is the first time Neopharm takes part In the Maala’s CSR Index, but the ranking reveals that corporate social responsibility has long become an integral part of our business activity and our organizational culture.

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With 91 participating companies, the Maala Index ranks Israeli businesses according to their level of CSR management. This ranking enables leading companies in the Israeli economy to examine and rank their CSR performance.

Background on the Maala CSR Index

Maala – Business for Social Responsibility – is Israel’s leading advocate for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and good corporate citizenship. Maala is part of a global network of organizations promoting CSR around the globe and ranks dozens of companies every year to assess their commitment to CSR.

Participating companies are asked to submit data regarding their activities relating to ethics, community investment, environment, corporate governance and workplace. The Index gives special consideration to issues of transparency, such as publication of ethical codes, philanthropic policy and CSR reporting.

Company reports are certified by their CEO, and cross-referenced with financial reports and additional quantitative assessments.

Data submitted by participating companies is analyzed by Greeneye, the Israeli representative of EIRIS, in consultation with S&P Maalot, based on models developed by McKinsey Israel and overseen by Ernst & Young.


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