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Careful strategic planning ensures that each campaign correctly focuses on the target audience most essential for that product’s success in the Israeli market. Marketing plans are developed based on proprietary statistical information, years of local experience, and sophisticated use of advanced marketing techniques. The combination of these tools enables our team at Neopharm Israel to customize a winning marketing strategy for each product.

Bringing together all the tools at our disposal, we focus on the optimal areas to obtain our targets. In some cases, mass advertising using opinion-setting figures may be the strongest focus of a new product launch. In other cases, we target pharmacists with the aim of increasing their recognition enabling them to become a dominant presence in the point-of-sale environment. Some campaigns may rely more on close educational work with physicians. Our teams have the experience and network to carry out any sales and marketing strategy.

Rx Marketing Strategies

Our long-lasting status in the field affords our team the time and scope to develop professional relations with key people in the medical and pharmaceutical community. These relationships greatly empower product lifecycle strategies, helping Neopharm Israel to achieve its business objectives.

Expert product management lies at the core of our marketing division which creates the strategies and marketing tactics that help achieve aggressive sales targets for our products. Neopharm Israel emphasizes the importance of innovation through its various creative marketing techniques, which are actively encouraged at all levels. Each marketing manager is responsible for a specific therapeutic area, allowing them to becoming an expert in the relevant treatments and an important source of information that physicians can rely on.

Neopharm Israel has one of the largest teams of medical representatives in the country. These teams give personalized attention to each contact person in the network. Neopharm Israel’s medical representatives are highly trained professionals who are medically oriented sales people with a strong track record of proven sales experience. Their interest in new technologies and treatments is matched only by their drive to achieve higher sales.

Consumer Health /OTC Marketing Strategies

Neopharm Israel employs highly qualified marketing managers with unsurpassed and intimate knowledge of the products and their marketplace. The division has successfully launched several award-winning campaigns and has experience working with leading advertising channels. Neopharm Israel offers strategic competitive analysis capabilities paired with fresh ideas for innovative marketing. The holistic approach to tactical planning and detailed execution, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the CH/OTC environment in Israel, enables Neopharm Israel to continually achieve extraordinary results.

Neopharm Israel’s marketing team has extensive experience in launching new products and creating innovative and effective marketing strategies through all media channels, including: medical detailing, television campaign, print ads, digital marketing, PR, WOM (Word of Mouth) advertising, organizing special offers and events for consumers and much more.

Sales and Trade

Neopharm Group’s Sales and Trade departments consist of an outstanding professional team of commercial retail advisors with long-standing ties to all of Israel’s pharmacies and drug stores. The departments work to increase product sales by utilizing strong merchandising expertise to maximize product visibility at the point of purchase, ensuring prime shelf-space and prominent display.

Our team has a full understanding of any company’s product, marketplace and requirements to ensure that the sale process, including; ordering, processing, delivery and invoicing, will be carried out in a timely and professional manner.

Our team offers full coverage of consumer, healthcare and FMCG markets. We cover all levels of the process including full handling of the store and the shelf space from beginning (order) to end (return order). Our team is also responsible for maximizing product visibility, comprehensive shelf management, merchandizing proficiency, problem solving in conjunction with the branch and full monitoring of retail performance. We are the only company that provides shelf-space management in both Super-Pharm and New-Pharm, the two largest drugstore chains in Israel.

We have designed an award-winning proprietary Sales Optimization System which is second to none. Our system plots out and monitors the optimal daily Point Of Sale (POS) route, time-spending and objectives per POS for each sales representative.

Our Sales Optimization System enables the following:

  • Monitoring product’s availability, shelf share and customer prices (including competitors’) vis-à-vis prior agreed upon standards
  • Tracking performance of each sales representative, including: planned route vs. actual route, visit effectiveness vs. standard, impact on order size, optimal time-spent per POS, etc.
  • Shifting manpower between POS and trade channels according to cost/benefit ratio
  • Geographical tracking of each sales representative

Medical and Regulatory Affairs

The Neopharm Group has a well-established division of medical and regulatory affairs.

Our team has vast experience in applying for registration and obtaining approval to market new pharmaceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices within Israel. Our team has a thorough understanding of all the regulatory requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health and consists of more than 20 professionals.

This team is structured in order to minimize the organizational resources and efforts required from foreign manufacturers with regard to registering their products in Israel. We enable swift acceleration of the regulatory approvals process.

Our team has vast experience working in pharmacovigiliance (PV), complete with a full in-house system structured to collect, monitor, assess and evaluate information from healthcare providers and patients on the adverse effects of medications and biological products. The PV system is configured to comply with the requirements of both the EMA and FDA, meeting the requirements of our multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

The division is also proficient in the structuring and implementation of risk management programs (e.g. Thalidomide, Revlimid, Soliris, Toctino, etc.).

The division is responsible for providing expert scientific knowledge and medical information on our brands, competitors & the healthcare environment, ensuring ethical and credible promotion of our brands, approval and review of promotional practices and material review.

Added Value Services

Clinical Trial Management

At Neopharm Group, we have extensive experience in providing monitoring services for clinical studies on behalf of our multinational partners. We offer local trial administration and coordination for both company sponsored and investigator initiated studies.

Our existing relationships with KOLs and medical centers enable us to effectively identify and recruit new KOLs, investigators and medical centers to take part in clinical trials. We are able to leverage our experience in order to generate Named Patient Programs and Compassionate Use Programs.

We help to facilitate local trial administration and coordination for both company sponsored and investigator initiated studies. Some sample ways in which we help, includes; the identification and recruitment of KOLs and investigators, enhancing patients’ recruitment rate and supplying cGMP with the necessary clinical material for trial and management of the clinical trial logistics.

Technology Scouting and Incubation

At Neopharm Group, we provide the following services related to Scouting and incubation:

Ongoing screening of life science university technologies and product companies that provide innovative solutions to medical practices aiming to identify technologies that match our partners’ needs and objectives

In-house incubator to bridge the gap from early discovery to initial clinical proof-of-concept, handing off to global strategic partners for clinical registration, marketing and distribution

Core team of prominent life science professionals with experience in drug development, structuring and implementation of preclinical and clinical programs and management of interactions with FDA, EMA and the Israeli Ministry of Health

Named Patient Programs

Neopharm Group is the biggest player in Israel specializing in the importation and sales of non-registered drugs on a named-patient basis according to local laws and regulations. Neopharm Group is able to orchestrate and secure budgeting for named-patient treatments, over and beyond the regular national reimbursement budget through syndication of multiple governmental stakeholders and special health maintenance organization formularies.

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