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Corporate Citizenship

Message from our Chairman

Since Neopharm was founded by Dr. Leopold Goldschmidt in 1941 in order to represent the Lederle pharmaceutical company in the land of Israel – the Company has focused on the representation of global companies in Israel and on improving its customers’ health through the introduction of groundbreaking medications to treat various diseases.  Now, as in the past, the Neopharm Group – with its diverse businesses – is committed to supplying the Israeli consumer with innovative, safe and effective products and technologies.

The business environment, technological advancement and consumer expectations are constantly changing and they alter the manner in which we manage our businesses.  However, the basic principles and values according to which we work remain in force.  We must assure healthcare professionals and health and science institutions that we work according to the highest ethical standards.

Our customers and health insurers rely on us to provide them with reliable and accurate information that will help them reach decisions in the best and most accurate manner.

We are cognizant of the great responsibility inherent in the issues in which we are engaged, and at the same time, we believe that the manner in which we operate is no less important than the issues we must address.

In order to help our employees conduct themselves according to our values and beliefs, we have formulated a code of ethics for the group.  Only if we operate according to these values will we earn the trust of Neopharm Group’s stakeholders and the trust of the community and society at large.

We are proud of Neopharm’s heritage and the way we conduct business based on the ethical and legal principles that guide us on our journey to improve the state of Israel’s health.

David Fuhrer



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