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LDD’s experience and expertise cover the broad range of services necessary to formulate, design and implement soil and groundwater investigations and remediation. The services are individually tailored to meet specific site requirements.

Our aim is to provide engineering excellence coupled with environmental professionalism in order to supply a full service to our clients in all areas where these activities can impact the environment.

Our vast experience as a company, coupled with the extensive experience of the individuals working in our company today, has provided us with expertise using state-of-the art investigative and remedial techniques. We have succeeded in increasing the efficiency and speed of the soil and groundwater contamination investigations whilst minimizing costs and potential disruption to manufacturing operations at the facility. These services are usually undertaken in a phased approach so that a cost effective assessment can be achieved.

Technologies implemented by LDD are either self-owned or licensed from affiliated international companies LDD represents in the Israeli market.

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Characterization

LDD’s comprehensive services include investigation of potentially contaminated sites – PHASE I Environmental Site Assessment (Site History Survey) as well as the full characterization of contaminants in soil or water – PHASE II ESA; all in accordance with Israeli as well as international standards.

LDD has extensive experience in a variety of site types such as operating facilities, gas stations, army bases, pre-demolition buildings and open areas. The range of contaminants is wide-raging as well and includes heavy metals, fuel components, chlorinated organic materials, solvents, pesticides and by-products of military industry.

All the required equipment for drilling (including direct push drilling), sampling and monitoring, is owned and operated by the company and its staff. This maximizes the quality of the survey and is in accordance with LDD’s quality assurance standards.

LDD is an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for soil sampling, by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.

Site Remediation

LDD provides a wide range of remediation solutions and services for contaminated sites (PHASE III ESA). The company is well experienced with providing in-situ, as well as ex-situ treatment solutions.

LDD Ex-Situ remediation technologies

Ex-Situ Permanent Biological Treatment

LDD has a positive track record with ex-situ bio-remediation of tens of thousands of tons of soil and sludge from hundreds of sites. LDD also provides in-situ remedial solutions for contaminated soil and groundwater that is individualized and cost effective.

Professional Consultation on Environmental Issues

LDD provides consulting services to companies, government institutions, and private clients.

Consulting services cover a wide range of environmental issues, e.g. environmental due diligence and audit, risk assessment, expert opinion reports, representation vs. authorities and management of environmental aspects in clients’ businesses.

Our best in class knowledge and expertise in Israeli regulations has enabled us to work together with the leading environmental consulting agencies in the world.


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