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Areas Of Activity

Branded Rx/Ethical Pharma

Neopharm Group is active in a particularly wide range of therapeutic areas including: cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, hematology, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology, pulmonary, rheumatology and vaccines. Under our leadership, many global products achieve higher market share in Israel as compared to any other country worldwide.

We are singularly equipped to succeed in the Israeli healthcare and bio-pharma environment thanks to our long history of collaborative ties with the Israeli Ministry of Health and various national health organizations. Our network of contacts serves as a powerful resource as so many of our professional ties are based on mutual collaborations which have spanned across several decades.

Although the Israeli reimbursement process is lengthy, complicated and limited with regard to budget, we have enjoyed an unprecedented high success rate in achieving reimbursements in record time. We achieve this otherwise complicated feat through a deep understanding of the various processes involved, in addition to our experience in securing the support of all stakeholders.

Medical Equipment

Eldan, a company within the group, provides for the supply, installation and support of equipment and products in the following areas:

  • General Imaging and Contrast Media
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dialysis
  • Echo-cardiography
  • Non-Invasive and Invasive Cardiology
  • CRM (Cardiac Rate Management)
  • Heart Valves
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Urology, Neurology, Pain Management, Airway Management

Consumer Health – OTC

Neopharm Israel, a company within the group, has become Israel’s leading company specializing in marketing and distributing over-the-counter and consumer health care products.

At Neopharm Israel, we consistently maintain our status as a front-runner in Israel’s OTC and Food Supplement sector. Throughout the years, we have shown overwhelming success in the large segments of the Israeli consumer health care market with recorded market share achievements well above those reached in other countries.

These achievements are a result of a strong collaboration between our highly skilled marketing teams and our top-ranking sales and trade teams.

Food Diagnostics

We have become a leading supplier in Food and Feed laboratory testing. Eldan, a company within the group is representing companies on the forefront of food diagnostics-related technologies.

Laboratory testing of food and feed products is a market that is currently gaining significant momentum in light of increasingly stricter European standardization and legislation.


At the Neopharm Group, we market dermo-cosmetic brands that are among the most frequently prescribed products by Israeli dermatologists.

We currently have a number of dermo-cosmetic brands including Doctor Or, a leading Israeli brand, as well as international products including: Bioderma, Mustela and Balneum.

We attribute our accomplishments in the field of dermo-cosmetics and our high success rates as demonstrated by significant market share to our advanced knowledge of related pharmaceutical products combined with our deep understanding of consumer behavior.


DPL, Part Of Neopharm consumer Products  is engaged in exporting Israeli leading consumer brands and private label  in more than 20 countries world wide.

The company works with large retail chains in western Europe and North America like: Carrefour, Leclerc , Auchan in France, Boots in UK, Aldi in Germany and many more

The know-how collected over the years, makes DPL a high qualified partner for customers seeking for Private Label Products or Israeli leading brands in the following categories

  • Adults – A wide range of Incontinence products and briefs and Feminine care Hygiene products.
  • Baby – A Full range of Baby Diapers and  Baby Wipe, Baby food,  Vitamins and food supplements for babies and children
  • Personal – A variety of Wet Wipes, in individual and multi packs for cosmetic and personal applications
  • House Hold – Multi purpose wet wipes , Stain Removing and Lens Cleaning wipes in a  variety of multi packs
  • Dermo-cosmetics –  wide range of skin care  products developed in Israel  by dermatologists.


The Neopharm Group, through Genmedix a company within the group, has over 25 years of experience in importation, registration and sales of generic drugs in Israel. We secure our position via exclusive representation of multinational generic companies in Israel. We are highly familiar with the generic pharmaceutical environment including: R&D barriers, patents, regulations and prices. We offer a world-leading platform for importing and selling generic products in Israel.

Our success in achieving and maintaining leading market share for our products has been proven time and time again.

Life-Science Equipment

A part of Eldan, our life-science equipment division, specializes in importing, marketing, distributing, installing and training/support in the following domains:

  • Chemical Analysis Instruments: GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, UV, TOC, etc.
  • Products for life sciences research: Nucleic acid extraction & purification, Microarray, bio-robots & liquid handling systems, restriction enzymes, antibodies, etc.
  • Consumables for chemical and biological analysis instruments
  • Automated and manual platforms for clinical diagnostics
  • Laboratory workstations, software and equipment
  • Products for material science: Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanointenders, etc.
  • Kits and instruments for food & feed hygiene and analysis
  • Lab Informatics
  • Products for histopathology labs
  • Microreactors for organic chemistry
  • Digital Microscopes

Home Therapy

Neopharm Group, through our Home Cure division, provides advanced medical services to patients in their homes through a team of highly trained healthcare professionals and certified nurses. The team works closely with patients and their physicians to provide a large array of medical treatments and services within the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home.

The division takes care of all in-house pharmaceutical needs, customer service, logistic services and supporting nurses, providing 24 hour on-call advisory assistance.

Home Cure provides unique clinical trial at-home services, which allows professional nurses visits to patients in their homes in order to conduct much-needed research in a comfortable, non-intrusive manner. This eliminates the need for frequent travel to the trial site for patients participated in medical trials. This service serves to both increase patient recruitment and maintain participant retention rates.

Supply Chain Management

Promedico, the Neopharm Group’s supply management company, provides our customers with the highest level of service and commitment in the fields of pre-wholesaling, logistics and physical distribution, as well as added value services throughout the supply chain. Promedico’s services, are fully cGDP and cGMP (where applicable) compliant, meeting the required European standards and the Israeli Ministry of Health regulations.

The following include the specific services we offer:

  • Supply chain
  • GMP Re-labeling/Over-labeling
  • Purchasing and Importing Services
  • Storage
  • Customer Service and Call Center
  • Quality Assurance
  • Climate Control Warehousing
  • Returned Goods and Destruction


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